Our history

Graine de Shopping is the desire to offer a beautiful selection of jewelry and accessories from here and elsewhere, each with a story, a human being, a personality at their source.

It all started in 2012...

Aurélie was 22 when she came across Manuela's creations on Etsy. Enthusiastic by the Slovenian designer's jewelry, she exchanges a few emails with the latter, who tells her that she dreams of being able to make a living from her creations one day. Challenged, Aurélie rushes to share her pretty creations with those around her and Internet users thanks to social networks.

Two months later, she had sold around a hundred pieces of jewelry by the designer. It was there that she decided to give a name to her project: Graine de Shopping was born.

Years later, after having collaborated with more than 60 designers, advised thousands of clients, and organized dozens of events, the mission remains the same. Showcase designer jewelry and accessories from all walks of life.

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Our 4 pillars


What we want: to offer only artisanal products made in small batches by passionate people, who offer a unique product resulting from the direct manual contribution of the craftsman.


What matters to us: your satisfaction. This is why Graine de Shopping places quality at the center, both with regard to its products and its customer service. A quality control is carried out on the jewelry to guarantee their conformity, and we do our best to respond to the various wishes and requests addressed to us.


What we are passionate about: embellishing everyday life with unique jewelry and accessories. That's why we're always on the lookout for original treasures! This is also why we attach great importance to the decoration of our stores and our stands: with the hope that our light and bright universe can inspire yours.


What keeps us going: you, our dear customers! We favor this relationship thanks to two main vectors. First, a wide range of jewelry reflecting varied styles, so that everyone has a chance to find their gem. Then, attentive service: we attach great importance to this and thus ensure that each customer is satisfied, both with the service and the products.